Eats in Penang, Malaysia

Buzzing Gurney Drive hawker food centre at night
Gurney Drive – we found a good stall off the main stretch No.47, RM5.50 for a plate with duck egg.
Here is the RM5.50 duck egg Penang char keow toay
Gurney Drive- small pancakes available in coconut, peanut, sweetcorn, pretty fresh and tasty.
Prawn Mee (front), Cendol (back).
Durian stall selling fresh durians at Lorong Susu (just opp Lorong Selamat / Sun Yat San buildling)
Wan Dan Hor RM3.50 (inside coffee shop at the tip of Lorong Selamat)
Twin sister char keow toay stall RM8 onwards per plate
RM8 per plate…pretty good smoky flavour too.
Ambra juice with sour plum RM2.40 each – so good!
More food stalls on Lorong Selamat…
Penang local brand of pineapple tart – RM38 for a box of 10-piece. The shop is along Lorong Macalister.
Assam Laksa for the nth time…just off Armenia Street opposite the bicycle murals.
Cendol from the same shop, so good!
Tiger Char Keow Tiao shop inside the coffee shop
Tiger Char Keow Toay RM5 and Ambra Juice RM2.40 inside the coffee shop.
Where the famous Penang Teochew Cendol is, just off Penang Road.
Beside the Penang Teochew Cendol cart, it’s the coffee shop selling the famous assam laksa RM4 per bowl.

Sights in Penang, click here!

Recommended spots for local Penang food:

  • Gurney Drive (open only in the evening) – one stop introduction of local Penang hawker food for tourists and nationals outside Penang alike
  • Lorong Macalister – Gartien pineapple tart shop, and other eats which were not spotted on the day we were there
  • Lorong Selamat ( a few streets away from Lorong Macalister) – Sisters Char Keow Toay
  • Lebuh Carnarvon – Tiger Char Keow Toay
  • Lebuh Pantai (Beach road) – for cafes hopping – China House and etc
  • Air Itam Market food centre (near Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si temple for sight-seeing)
  • Penang Road (Lebuh Keng Kwee) for Penang Teochew Cendol and Assam Laksa, located side by side
  • Lorong Susu for fresh durian feast

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