Eté Café (Georgetown, Penang)

The facade on a hot Sat…

It was a very hot Saturday afternoon, after a late lunch with friends at Avenue Mall (where the food court was miserable) we decided to check out a cafe on the way back to hotel.

Iced hand drip coffee

RM15 for each cup of coffee here.

Each one of us had a different blend, and a ground coffee of the same bean ordered would be presented by the cafe owner – to smell before enjoying the cuppa.

Lemon Meringue Tart (left) Montblanc (right) RM15 each

Lemon Meringue tart base was crunchy and buttery. The lemon curd was balanced on the tartness and sweetness. Crunchy meringue exterior atop and a melting centre.

Montblanc was pretty intense in chestnut flavour, overall a delicious cake.

Sweets inside the chilled display shelf.

It was indeed a rustic cafe experience, mishmash of humble furniture (from 80’s) assembled organically.

The pastries and coffee are definitely an experience to go for.

Other reviews…Ete-Cafewhat2seeonline.

79 Lebuh Carnarvon
10300 Penang


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