Nara Thai (SG)

The dark and warmly lit interior.

Somewhat not interested to try out this restaurant since its opening, somehow we ended up here for a Sat dinner.

It was a rather pleasant dining experience overall – luckily.

I knew its existence in Bangkok, but reviews over there was not as raving good as in Singapore, so let’s see how the dishes fare.

Anchan Drink (left) S$6.90++ Thai Iced Tea (right) S$5.90++

I was curious about the recommended Anchan drink, so I had it.

It was pretty nice, minty, a little tart – almost like Mojita sans alcohol.

As usual, Thai ice tea was super sweet.

Marinated grilled chicken wrapped in pandan leaves S$12.90++

Tender and well marinated chicken parts within, perfumed with the pandan leaves all around.

Seafood tom yum broth in coconut milk S$15.90++

You would expect to see authentic clear tom yum soup here however the tamed down version was rather alright.

It was tomatoey, on the sweeter side and thickened with coconut milk. Tasty broth nonetheless.

Fried whole grouper served with Sweet Chilli Sauce S$32++

The fish was fresh, batter was crispy (could be thinner) and the dip was marvellous.

The damages was S$100 plus after the surcharges among three of us.

Will I return, not so soon…

ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21, Singapore 238801
+65 6634 5787


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