Batam (Riau Island-Indonesia)


On the way to the ferry along Harbour Front jetty in Singapore.
When we reached Batam, we hopped on to the rented car and off to Belerang seafood restaurant which was an hour drive away from the Harbourbay jetty.
Batam Island itself was also connected to other surrounding islands nearby – 6 all together linked by 6 bridges. This was the one very near to Belerang seafood restaurant.
More shots around Belerang seafood restaurant, it is huge! Located just by the by, al fresco seating and air-con rooms are available!
Here is the ‘kelong’ extension of the restaurant for customers to choose their live seafood.
The shell fish communities – to choose and to eat.
Lobsters! I’m not sure if all the live seafood here are local…
The Garoupa we chose!
And now…they turned into food on the plates.
Prawns were really sweet and fresh I must say; whereas the vegetables were so so, not too fresh nor delicious.
J.Co donuts! Why eat here since the same also available in Singapore? Because it’s half price here after the SGD-RP conversion…can’t resist!
Nasi Padang dishes stacked up, the real deal! Brought over by our driver, seemed to be popular with locals.
The delicious and certainly spicy dishes plated out for you to choose from, you are only charged per piece consumed on the plate.
And here is how they stacked up the filled plates…so skilled!

Summary of eating / shopping in Batam:

  • Belerang seafood restaurant (live seafood) – approx. an hour drive from the jetty
  • Nasi Padang stall – ask the local receptionist
  • Nagoya Shopping Mall
  • Carrefour Shopping Mall
  • Thai Indo Massage (in the vicinity of Nagoya shopping mall) ~S$30 for 120 mins.


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