Cafe 2000 – M Hotel (SG)

Asian savouries…

First of all – it’s 7th day of Chinese New Year, also known as Ren Ri 人日 (Human’s Birthday) aka Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Hope this Year of Horse is treating you well so far. And of course, Chinese New Year and feasting is inseparable.

Cafe2000 is holding Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner at S$52++, Buffet Lunch at S$33++, Steamboat Dinner S$65++ per adult.

Of course the necessary ‘Lo Hei’ is available from S$28.80++ (Small) onwards, together with an array of New Year Goodies e.g.
Traditional Nian Gao w/Organice Cane Sugar
Carrot Cake with Chinese sausages
8 Treasures Niao Gao
Chestnut Cake w/Osmanthus

Also available are hampers starting from S$98+ onwards – Pierre Jean red wine, HK Chinese sausages, Specialty XO sauce and whole lot of other luxurious dried seafood items.

Salad corner

My 1st round of Asian cooked dishes

To my surprised, my favourite ingredient salted egg yolk is found in Salted Egg Yolk Stir Fried Crab.

Satay sticks fared well too with tasty marinade and tender meat.

Western dishes like baked pasta, potato gratin, lasagne and thin pizza slices were decent.

*Must Try* – Roasted Anugs Beef

The sliced roast beef will be grilled briefly and accompanied with a drizzle of gravy! Smoky tender goodness there!

There is a small Japanese food station on the side – nevermind the soba and maki.

Hit the sashimi – salmon and tuna straight!

Grilled meat galore! Chicken bakwa coins and Taiwanese style sausages only available during Chinese New Year period.

I especially love the well pan fried potato cubes to accompany the grilled meat items.

Each one of them was flavourful and succulent – from New Zealand rack of lamb to US Angus beef slices.

Close up of the Chicken Bakwa – juicy, smoky, sweet and addictive!

Grilled tender winglets, tasty marinade.

Cold seafood selection – crustacean and shell fish

Cold seafood was decent – not extraordinarily fresh but the juicy prawns.

Scallops, shucked oysters, Hokkaido king crab legs, crabs and crayfish for you to indulge in.

Grilled seafood galore!

Cold cooked crayfish, US imported shucked oysters…only available on weekends.

Loving the white wine sautee sea snails (gong gong)

I love the Teriyaki style grilled salmon chunks and the intense white wine sautee sea snails.

Make sure you eat the cheese baked scallop once arrived, that was pretty satiating.

Grilled fresh prawns – springy inside, smoky shell on the outside

*Highlight* 100% pure durian puree – so good!

Almond cake with creamy chewy walnut ice-cream scoop atop! Served with minty diced mango.

Inside of the almond cake – delicious!

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day – International Buffet Dinner included a glass of Sparkling Rose $ 70.00++ per adult is available. 

Cafe 2000
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908
M Hotel
(Tanjong Pagar MRT)


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