Roosevelt’s (SG)

The entrance

I like to dine at cafe bar genre eateries – fuss free but tasty food, adequately intimate ambiance and of course the reasonable price tags.

I haven’t explored many. So, by default Oriole Cafe Bar has been high on my list in this genre, recently their food is getting more expensive but still delicious.

I digress…

The interior overlooking the counter

This few months old cafe has pretty enchanting lighting inside, tables were well spaced out given Singapore’s limited shop area.

Salted Caramel Milkshake S$8+

This milk shake may looked passable.

But, glad to taste the very sweet caramel spiked with saltiness, consistency was not too thick and certainly not thin. A decent one.

Snapper Truffle Pie S$19+

The flaky golden brown pastry atop was nice.

Underneath – the snapper filling was a tad too starchy for me. Prefer it to have more cream to flour ratio in the white sauce.

Counted 1, 2, 3, 4 small fillets of snapper, no truffle scent hitting my nostril nor back of my throat no matter how deep I inhaled in attempt to get it.

Beef Burger with Cheddar and Mushrooms S$22+

Overall the beef patty itself was juicy and flavourful.

However, the buns were not buttered and grilled or at least toasted before serving.

The French fries tasted to be re-fried, the top half was fresh however bottom layer was hard and tasted oily.

Vespa by a communal table overlooking Teo Hong Road

I would expect the service to be attentive on a not-so-busy Tues rainy evening, but it seemed only one out of three waitresses was working in full force.

Tap water is free (phew!) but came only after two reminders.

The owner and the crew seemed to be made up of same age as me or younger.

I only hope to have more attentive service and better executed meals next time, if any.

Other reviews…

City Nomads

Address: 331 New Bridge Road #01-02, Singapore, 088764 (right beside Exit H of Outram Park MRT)


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