Ximending 西門町 (Taipei,Taiwan)

amba was our choice of hotel over 2 nights in Ximending area, it is a sister hotel of the prestigious Ambassador Hotel in Taipei – located above the on eof the ubiquitous Eslite malls


My shady panoramic shot using #iphone5 at Ximending during the early evening.


All the amenities in the hotel having ‘ba’ ending meaning – let’s eat, let’s sweet, let’s ask, let’s rest…


The superior double room with very minimalist set up


The wash basin / drink counter are located just right at the room entrance


The intense ginger based eco-toilettries given to the room guests, also available in full sizes on sale at the reception area, love it!



The city view from the room at high floor.


Supersized fried chicken fillet with bone on, the one originates from Shilin market has a stall in Ximending as well.


The established Fong Da coffee roaster and apparatus selling shop, not a cafe mind you but you will be rewarded as a caffeine buff.


The nearby popular Yong He soya bean shop, thought the soya milk was too sweet and diluted, however the pair of dough friter (you tiao) was flaky and ultra crispy!


A pity that the servings came in paper cups, maybe we ordered the wrong type of soya liquid produce, I was looking forward to a thicker consistency and more intense soya bean flavour.


Hanlin bubble milk tea shop available at one of the Eslite malls in Ximending, Level 5, the nearest one to main Ximending MRT exit. Thought they have the best tasting bubble milk tea and also the tapioca pearls.


One of the rainy nights, we actually visit the Ning Xia night market, took away the fermented beancurd in mala soup, then on the way back bought a portion of the popular (Shilin night market originates) Prince’s giant stuffed potato croquette doused in Nacho sauce in Ximending.


Red House a historical arts building in the vicinity has also a modern arts section.


Found a Japanese food stall selling Matcha soft serve, it was creamy and intense, love the bittersweet aftertaste!


The bowl of beef noodle soup from Niu Dian, very subtle broth but tender machine cut beef slices with fat marbling


From the same shop – Niu Dian, I got my self a bowl of beef tendon soup, a perfect answer to the cold rainy night.


amba breakfast buffet @ in house chi ba restaurant – how cool are the glasses for the fruit juices here!



Ximending eats above mentioned:

  • Amba Boutique Hotel  10843, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District (Above ESLITE BOOKSTORE building)
  • 阿宗麵線 (Ay Chung Mian Xian)  8-1, Éméi St, Wanhua District (Ximending), Taipei City – TIPS: If you’re like me, don’t want innards, mention it and cashier will deduct 10NTD
  • Niu Dian (Beef Shop) 91 Kunming St, Taipei
  • Japanese food stretch it is located quite near the central of Ximending area, for Japanese hot food/sweets takeaway, shop name forgotten
  • Yong He Dou Jiang  30 Hankou Street | Zhongzheng District, Taipei (breakfast spot for soya milk, dough fritters (you tiao) and some other hot savoury breakfast items)
  • Hanlin bubble tea, located at L4 of Eslite just right outside Ximending MRT exit
  • Hao Da Da Ji Pai extra large chicken cutlet, available also at branches throughout Taipei
  • Fong Da Coffee 蜂大咖啡 No. 42, ChengDou Road, Wanhua District, Taipei
  • Chi Ba 吃吧 amba boutique hotel

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