Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 (Taiwan)

Misty lake view on an early Sat morning

 After Taroko Gorge and Alishan nature visits, it’s time to head back to Taipei for the ultimate city experience.

We were contemplating on stopping by Ching Yi (Swiss Farm) in the middle of Taiwan and/or Sun Moon Lake  from Alishan.

And we decided to go with the touristy Sun Moon Lake for night as it is more convenient to get back to Taipei Main Station.

Near the pier outside our B&B

 It’s unfortunate the B&B we booked for 1 night here at Sun Moon Lake was terrible horrible and appalling in condition in its own right.

Not even in comparison to the previous marvellous hotel stays at Taroko Gorge and Alishan.

The name is Ming Hu Bed and Breakfast,  sure, the location is prime – just right beside the busy pier at town centre convenient to catch the bus too as it’s a mere 8-10 minutes walk away.

However, the room was not kept clean, dusty and all. Bathroom reeks of unpleasant mouldy air….brrhh….it still gives me the nasty chill when I think back.

There’s a Starbucks here located beside a hotel by the lake…here’s the view.


One of streets at the town area of Sun Moon Lake
One of the piers along the lake


Homemade honey tea couldn’t get more made-from-scratched than this, freshly attained honeycomb…


One of the specialty food, chunks of king oyster mushroom mixed with shredded cabbage wrapped in fried flour skin drizzled with spicy sauce atop, interesting vegetarian snack indeed.


The local Taiwanese Cherry Blossom blooming


The local Assam Tea variety grown at Sun Moon Lake is Tea No.18, and this bubble tea shop serves using the tea leaves, they taste so floral and soothing.


Fresh handmade mochi balls on the spot, available in a wide variety of flavours
A handphone made figurine outside a bubble tea house, amazing!
Within the same mall, there’s a cardbox specialty shop selling even food served with food grade cardbox cutlery.
Grilled scallop stall housed within a mall, originates from Shilin Market which we didn’t bump into in Shilin itself for some reason, tasted good – a pity the scallops are small sized and not basted with enough sauce.
Beef Noodle soup from a random restaurant that stayed open past 7.30pm
The night view by the lake at the pier


Locally produced Assam Tea infused Egg Rolls is one of the specialty goods in Sun Moon Lake
Egg rolls infused with locally produced Assam Tea


After one day one night tour at Sun Moon Lake, take the bus to Taicuhng High Speed Rail (HSR) station, from there, 1 hour HSR back to Taipei Station. Here’s our ~S$4 tea set at the station itself at Ikari cafe.

 The 1 day 1 night trip is very  short and feel that it’s enough to cover the area.

The bad accommodation really broke the experience and also I was anxious to get to Taipei.

Moreover, that weekend was very misty to have a clear picture of the surrouding :(.

So, it was an overall so so touristy experience for us.

Sun Moon Lake pointers:

  •  Assam Tea infused egg rolls, available from various shops in town, all handmade
  • Tea 18
  • Lake Tour



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