Alishan 阿里山 (Taiwan)

We finally arrived at Alishan


8 deg Celcius on a early spring chilly morning – here’s the gantry where you need to pay about S$4 per person to enter this protected Alishan scenic trail…


Here’s the one and only bus station and massive car park in Alishan area for drop offs and pick ups…7-eleven is there too and concentrated with restaurants plus souvenir shops


Walk up the main stairs in the middle of the bus station, here’s the view on a clearer day
Checked into Alishan Hotel II (new wing of the established Alishan Hotel) which is situated right in the centre of the magnificient Alishan mountain trails…this is a electrical fireplace which is much appreciated


Massive bedroom with fantastic Alishan forest view outside and double king size beds…woot!


Bathtub with Alishan forest view too and overlooking the hotel’s balcony
Hotel’s balcony garden on a misty rainy afternoon


Elephant Trunk Tree is the name of this guy, enchanting forest


Three trunks of three generations intertwined together


What a mythical looking pond…so still and quiet
Alishan grown fresh wasabi!!! Being a pre-occupied Japanese state in the past, the Japanese influences were clearly seen here. And I regretted not able to bring back a few of these back to Singapore.


We met this homely restaurant on the first night here, it was bustling and I was glad we dined here over local Alishan dishes.


The dishes we had at Shan Bin restaurant…there was also a huge hotpot (on the left) brimming with overflowing ingredients that we need to scoop out half of it to cook in the second round


You have to love 7-eleven in Taiwan, the instant bowl noodles and some goodies bought at the souvenir shops here made up of one of our dinners
The sort-of miniature train and track display by the side of the bus station
Alishan – Sun Moon Lake bus number and frequency for reference


Day 2, thankfully the sky was much clearer, we started off on a all-rounder Alishan forest trail


A very serene wooden temple met on the walking trail


Intertwined roots from the local Taiwanese red maple trees


A panoramic view on iPhone5 with me inside


More ancient trees and their past twisted fates


Train serving some parts of Alishan


One of the fading rivers amongst the trails


Sunlight falling through the tall and dense leaves atop


Love shaped tree…see it?


Sister’s pond – too misty of the afternoon to get the full view :(


Last morning at Alishan, we walked around the old wing of the hotel which is made of wood entirely without a single metal nail built during Japanese occupation, here’s the rooftop garden with the breathtaking view and sun beds…but too cold


So, stayed there for maximum half an hour with a book before heading off to the bus stop to catch HSR at Taichung.

 Pointers for Alishan:

  • Shanbin restaurant
  • Main bus station at Alishan for getting onto / dropping off the coach to various spots near middle of Taiwan
  • Main bus station – 7-eleven, tonnes of hotpot restaurants, souvenir shops, train station serving certain spots on Alishan
  • Alishan Hotel II – highly recommended if you are into covering all the Alishan scenic views/trails

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