Cama Cafe (Taipei, Taiwan)

Cama cafe shop front

 Just a few steps away from our Dandy Hotel (Daan Park branch) sits this petit cafe sharing 2/3 shop front with a second hand clothing shop.

How nice was it to stumble upon a local  specialty coffee chain house in the vicinity of our 3 night stay at the hotel.

The coffee roaster in the house, photobombed by him which I only realised when we returned to SG…

 Yup, they roast their own beans.

The shop operators / owners made up of below 30 yr group.

They’re awfully industrious and friendly.

The caffeinated drink menu
Bags of beans of various blends
Cappuccino and Royal Milk Tea take away for sitting outside the cafe overlooking Daan Park on a quiet weekday morning was one of the most enjoyable time in Taipei

The cuppa didn’t disappoint, it was nutty.

If you are ever at Din Tai Fung at the original Xinyi branch, do drop by here for the after meal cup.



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