Sufood 舒果 (SG)

Different colours carrying respective philosophies of the all-vegetarian food served in Sufood

 SUFOOD a marvellous meat-free dining concept in Singapore, hailing from Taiwan’s largest restaurant
chain operator WOWPRIME in a joint venture with local PUTIEN restaurant chain has finally launched its first outlet in
Singapore at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

The range of pure juices

The range of pure squeeze vegetable & fruit juices to boost the healthy palatte to wash down the meal – The Ashitaba, The Tropical, The Very Berry ad Passion Fruit Calamansi Tea, all are cold.

Hot drinks would be Yuzu Chamomile Tea, Mint Herbal Tea, Eco-friendly Black tea and Eco-friendly coffee to choose from.

Rosemary Breadsticks w/ Mustard Dip (also available Blueberry Dip to opt for) – the texture is definitely catering to Asian palette, it was actually soft and airy inside perfumed wonderfully with dried rosemary and some herb concoction. The dip was a joy to accompany.

The Sufood appetizer, all elements were very light and refreshing yet packed with natural flavours

Mushroom & Pea Pottage – this soup is protein packed with green peas puree to a thick consistency, not salted at all, the slice of bread lend some texture, a very healthy soup I must say

Mushroom Salad – a vitamin D and B packed dish with 3 types of mushroom spotted coated in a flavourful light dressing, job well done

Star Pizza – and I was so glad to have ordered this as my main as it was packed with tasty ingredients and my favourite too. Mushroom, cottage cheese crumbles, shredded seaweed, teriyaki sauce drizzles, melted cheddar…..*must order*, good thin crust to boot!

Sesame Panna Cotta – I love this dessert! Being a vegetarian restaurant, so glad to be voided of gelatin in the normal Panna Cotta which ended up in a very creamy milky texture with intense toasty black sesame sauce atop and a crunchy candied walnut for some bite *must order*

Baked Potato Al Funghi – this shot was taken from the sampler plate on display, the display of the oyster mushroom was too pretty to pass on this photography opportunity. Being a potato junkie and a mushroom lover, I’ll definitely try this out the next trip back to Sufood :)

 With the most sincere heart, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal set here.

You are getting a lot of natural flavours coaxed out from the ingredients under the design from the skillful chef.

I highly recommend to try this restaurant serving vegetarian food with Italian influence and our familiar Chinese ingredients.

 Address: #02-19 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103



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