Le Cordon Bleu Showcase @ Palate Sensations Cooking Studio

Milk Bar side cafe by Palate Sensations Cooking Studio

I was tagging along with his friend to attend this cooking workshop that was complimentary, believe it or not!

It was a drive to recruit Le Cordon Bleu students for particularly the Sunway (Malaysia) branch, the same agent also helps out with any Le Cordon Bleu branch application including Paris, Bangkok, etc without any charges.

This event was held at Palate Sensations Cooking Studio (at Buono Vista – Biopolis). An opportunity hard to come by and it was hosted by a  Le Cordon Bleu chef instructor, incredible!

The main course we had to prepare was Pomelo Duck.

Me and him cooked Duck breast with pomelo sauce under the careful and clear instruction of the chef, guess which’s by me?

The instructor was very clear in his conduct and being only a cooking showcase for student recruitment, we didn’t have to clean up – very pampered indeed as the chef assistants helped us out in every step of the way.

Have a look at Le Cordon Bleu enrollment which is my next career switch in the pipeline.

Just sharing…


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