Hua Ting Moon Cakes 2014 (SG)

Millenium hotel group – Orchard Hotel’s Hua Ting restaurant has churned out yet another delectable

Normally, I indulge in the mini snowskin mooncakes which came in as many imaginable flavours as possible, traditional mooncakes are too boring and I normally only have morsels of it during the moon cake festival.
Mini Yam Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Champagne – quite an intense champagne hit
Mini Snow Skin Mango Paste with Preserved Mango – the crunchy mangoey bits were addictive
Mini Snow Skin Green Tea Twist with Yolk – the green tea flavours were evident, filling was full on green tea, matched well with the salted yolk.

However, I like the traditional moon cakes by Hua Ting because the filling was adequately sweetened moreover the baked skin was just thin enough to withhold the lotus paste filling. I like th innovative flavour of  Milk Tea Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds. The traditional range also includes traditional favourites like Seeds of Harmony (Assorted nuts) and White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts.

Ordering online now is available!


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