Swensen’s U.S. Southern Barbecue Menu (SG)

New Southern BBQ menu available now until end Oct 2014

 The newly launched US Southern Barbecue menu from Swensen’s is available only from 1st September 2014 to 31st October 2014 at all Swensen’s outlets.

Go try them out before it’s ended.

My favourite two dishes were Firecracker Soft Shell Prawn starter and the Grilled Snapper w/Seafood in Creole Sauce.

Read on….


Key Lime Soda S$5.80++

Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns S$8.90++

I love deep fried soft shell crab and so I also love soft shell prawns which are not served in most restaurants.
I wish Swensen’s could make this a permanent on their menu.
Sweet crunchy prawns can be eaten without any de-shelling process, good condiments to boot.

Swensen’s Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce S$15.90++

For a hearty substantial meal, especially for guys, this protein dish will fit the bill.
Seasoning served aside complimented well with the al dente long grain rice.

Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce S$17.90++

The tasty cream sauce was dotted with lots of scallops bit, mushroom studs as well as the subtle southern spice mix.
I generally like seafood and cream based dishes, so this has the best of both worlds to win me over.

Jalapeno BBQ Burger S$16.90++

A simple burger with tasty barbeque sauce within to round it up.

Available Singapore wide.


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