4 big plates of meat for our Saturday dinner!

The guys ordered Ribeye (S$36++ for 300g)  served with two sides…unfortunately the steak was not cooked to Medium Rare as requested, they were still served utterly rare inside with unthawed bits, the grilling on the outside was too light.

The manager was good to serve another better grilled steak and replaced the other steak with TGIF famous pork rib.

Mishap repaired…

Salmon in Jack Daniel’s grill(front) S$29++; Chicken in Jack Danie’s grill and fried shrimp (back) S$29++

I am not a red meat eater so went for the grilled salmon instead. Whilst their mashed potatoes was buttery and creamy which I enjoyed a lot, the salmon was overcooked, nonetheless the sweet savoury sauce served managed to rescue the fish.

The last piece of grilled chicken and shrimp was our sharing platter more or less, the crispy shrimp was really good and I wished it could be ordered as our starter.

112, East Coast Road,
Unit 01-13, 112 Katong
428802 Singapore


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