Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 (Taipei)

This is a super long overdue post, meant to post it up since our Taipei trip back in early February 2014.

Alright, let this be a pictorial one.

One of the entrances to the Taipei famous Shilin night market.
First stall we met was the penis shaped desserts stall – donut of some sort, t’was hilarious!
He got his favourite grilled corn on the cob basted in some savoury sweet sauce.
A random stall we came upon – fried chicken filled with molten cheese inside, I gave it a try and the cheese oozed out to my jacket and shoes, it was good but a little dry on the meat side…
Running into this pickled green mango stall was such a solace to my high calorific dinner night here…these certainly helped to digest the greasy food we consumed all night long.
Shilin market itself is a market within a roofed building, in the basement lies these little food stalls selling cooked food of all sorts…all looked delicious.
We chose a stall where crowds of local students were seen. This is Fried Smelly Beancurd (Chou Tou Fu), it was awesome, delicious and love the touch of the slightly spicy savoury sauce served, must have the cabbage pickles.
Grilled cuttlefish in full flesh!
Typical Taiwanese style sausages…
Grilled oysters! As big as my palm…
Retro candies – fruits on sticks coated in gelatin
Finally, met this famous new eat – giant potato croquette filled with topping of your choice doused in nachos cheese sauce…
Here’s the ‘Prince Cheese’

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