Sangokai (SG) – maki madness

Sashimi Salad

This is a rather under rated Japanese restaurant.

Whilst interior was not worth a mention, the location of this restaurant was great.

More so, its salad and maki range worth a try despite of the higher price tags.

Avocado salmon maki

Very usual Singaporean Japanese maki menu being offered here, but they were executed nicely.

Each ingredients were fresh and we love love love the Japanese rice texture here, it was chewy, a little bite with it, moist and well flavoured.

Whole juicy scallops grilled with mentaiko (spicy cod roe) torched atop

The popular Dragon Roll – it was superb indeed *MUST TRY*

Seafood here was fresh and wholesome, mentaiko paste was really briney and packed with seafood taste – torched to the right smokiness…

The food was ordered by our friend hence I didn’t take not of the individual menu pricing, overall, a table of four cost about SGD126.

Address: 327 Beach Road, Singapore 199560 (Bugis MRT)


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