Bloomsbury Bakers (SG)

The cake display and menu

My post lunch sweet

It was by a pure luck that this bakery is located near my training centre along Bendermeer Road during that one week.

After having a bowl of the famous beef noodle soup at Bendermeer Market & Hawker Centre, I decided to stroll by.

Then, I got sucked in to have this post lunch sweet.

The speculoos cheesecake S$6

The choices might not be a lot here, but the pricing is incredibly reasonable compared to the same style of bakeries.

Whilst the overall cheesecake was good, I didn’t quite like the gelatinous texture of the cream cheese filling….too much of the biscuit crumble ratio to cream cheese.

I’m just being picky.

Their red velvet cake looked promising for a return visit if I’m back in the hood.

Address: 30 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 330030
Facebook page
Note: Cover photo grabbed from Bloomsbury FB page


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