Group Therapy cafe (SG)

This cafe is located upstairs along one of the shophouses

Tanjong Pagar on a weekend is a treat, free of crowd and traffic.

That’s what you thought until you enter this cafe and the other cafes dotted around this neigbourhood.

One of the cafe corners adorned with decorative pieces


It was boisterous here and we were actually put onto the waiting list…

After a brief 10 minutes wait, we were seated…

He had Croque Madame S$18.50 (back) and I had Multigrain smoked salmon avocado sandwich S$18.50 (front)

The sandwiches came in a decent size each, however for almost twenty dollar per plate of sandwiches is a little costly.

Close up of my smoked salmon sarnie

Overall a pleasant substantial lunch but too noisy, probably we should go there on a weekend evening?

Address: 49 Duxton Road (Outram Park MRT; Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Note: Cover photo grabbed from GT Facebook page


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