Burger & Lobster (London,UK)

I have read about this hip restaurant & bar in London serving lobster as the main play, and they literally have only 3 items on the menu.

Lobster Roll, Lobster (itself) or Beef Burger, GBP20 each…

The menu you're given would be cocktails, mocktails and other alcoholics…

The crisp and butter brioche was a very thick one with a slit in the middle, stuffed with lobster meat dressed just lightly for flavour.

If you like to eat with hands, this lobster plate is perfect. However, I was expecting clear and smokey grilled marks on the lobster but none…The flesh itself was a little overcooked, not ultra fresh but passable. The condiments made up for the flavour otherwise lost.

Overall, we love the hip and fun vibe accompanying these lobsters.

A lot of tourists here as well.

Worth a try!

Of course, superb service!

Burger & Lobster

(Cover Photo grabbed from its FB page)


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