Burger & Lobster (London,UK)

We visited the branch nearer to Oxford Street after some shopping done, this one is located at 29 CLARGES STREET MAYFAIR LONDON W1J 7EF

I have read about this hip restaurant & bar in London serving lobster as the main play, and they literally have only 3 items on the menu.

Lobster Roll, Lobster (itself) or Beef Burger, GBP20 each…

The menu you’re given would be cocktails, mocktails and other alcoholics…

Nothing else but lobster of all sizes and types in these aquariums

He had Lobster Roll while I had poached & grilled lobster served with Lemon & Garlic Butter aside

The crisp and butter brioche was a very thick one with a slit in the middle, stuffed with lobster meat dressed just lightly for flavour.

The aftermath….too full to touch the fries…

If you like to eat with hands, this lobster plate is perfect. However, I was expecting clear and smokey grilled marks on the lobster but none…The flesh itself was a little overcooked, not ultra fresh but passable. The condiments made up for the flavour otherwise lost.

Overall, we love the hip and fun vibe accompanying these lobsters.

A lot of tourists here as well.

Worth a try!

Of course, superb service!

Burger & Lobster

(Cover Photo grabbed from its FB page)


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