Anglers Rest (Dublin, Ireland)

The fireplace right outside the restaurant, how cozy…

We decided to drop by this restaurant near my sister’s newly moved house.

The fireplace inside the restaurant right beside where we are seated, how nice it is for a wintry and rainy night.

We had their early bird menu of …
2 Courses – €19.95
3 Courses – €24.95

The interior was so toasty, cozy and a world’s away from the blistering rainy outdoor.

Anglers Rest Seafood chowder – it was rather starchy, not the creamy texture I was expecting, the seafood broth was nice and seafood chunks were just right, it was rather an underwhelming bowl…

Overall, we found the food scored ok.

They weren’t as hearty as I was looking for…probably I had too high of expectations knowing they’re award winning…

Pan Roast Fillet of Pork – shallot and tarragon butter, onion rings, home cut chips, pepper sauce
Prime cut 10oz Striploin Steak – shallot and tarragon butter, onion rings, home cut chips, pepper sauce

Steak was little too chewy to our liking but the sauce was delicious.

Pan Fried Fillet of Hake – parmentier potatoes, green peas, roasted red peppers, saffron and mussels sauce

The pan fried cubed potatoes were a little under cooked and fish fillet was a little overcooked, otherwise, the dish was ok.

Overall, a good service and fair food experienced.

Hope their food can be brought to an upper level of tastiness…

Address: Strawberry Beds, Chapelizod, Dublin 20
(Cover photo grabbed from website)


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