Lao Sze Chuan @ Middle Road(SG)

The facade

La Zi Ji (Large) S$32.90+

Our all time favourite….salty, spicy, herby, crunchy and actually addictive but not hot at all!

Great to wash down with beer.

Wasabi Prawn (Small) S$18.90+

Prawns were bouncy inside and fairly crunchy batter.

Too little wasabi mayonnaise atop and pretty tasteless combination.

Sui Zhu Yu (Confit Snake Head Fish in Szechuan Chilli Oil, Small) S$18.90+

We ordered the smallest portion and was really overwhelmed  by the huge bowl came upon the table.

Snakehead fish is the one of the most resilient fresh water fish and cheapest fish in South East Asia.

The chilli oil mask out the otherwise muddy smelling fish, too bony at some parts….too much for us to stomach down.

The green bean translucent noodle strands within the chilli oil soup was silky and slurp worthy.

Claypot Egg plant (Small) S$9.80+

Another all time favourite of mine at this restaurant. Best to eat with plain white rice.

Sweet and sour sauce and fragrant rendered egg plant strips was comforting.


  • Yi Qi Pin Lao Si Chuan 268 Middle Road, Singapore 188992 (we used Groupon voucher)
  • Lao Si Chuan – 249 Outram Road Singapore 169048 (our favourite branch, see previous reviews on this blog)

Website (cover picture grabbed from website)


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