Shallots (SG)

Lobster linguine S$25 ++ The broth taste pretty spicy and actually delicious, though hastily assembled, I must said this plate was pretty good.

Not sure why I decided to go for this restaurant tucked away at the corner of Marina Square Dining Edition wing…

It was for our 3 year wedding anniversary.

And being as thrifty as possible for the upcoming Europe trip, I guess I based my choices available onEntertainer app 1-for-1 main.

Wrong move, we were very underwhelmed by the dishes here.

Only two tables including us on a Friday night.

It was obvious that the main income stemmed from the outdoor bar area crowded with after work foiks.

Beef bourguigneon S$25++ He was severely let down by this presentation, it was almost 5cm tall. Meat was on the tender side but whole dish was bland all together. Moreover, this main was the special of the day.

We were not impressed at all and no way we are coming back.

Damage was about S$30 plus using #entertainerapp.

I would rather spend it on two good bowls of ramen in retrospect. Stay tuned for the next review.

Address: #02-101 Marina Square Singapore 039594 Website [Featured image from restaurant website]


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