Sanpoutei Ramen (SG)

Our first Sanpoutei endeavour at Shaw House branch, about approx. S$18++ per bowl

Guess what, I might have just found the bowl of ramen with stock consistency and flavour that I can fall back on.

The one that I could accept wholeheartedly.

Before that I thought Santouka was my favourite, but this one from Sanpoutei beat them all…in Singapore ramen context that is.

I had Rich Tori Spicy Miso Ramen while he had the original Niigata Shoyu Ramen.

I emptied my bowl.

All the elements tasted balanced for me. The noodles could be a little bit chewier but I’m nit picking.

Nonetheless, he agreed his bowl was a solid one too.

Tan Tan Men with lava egg S$18++ Creamy rich sesame and pork broth was utterly rich…I liked it quite well. Revisited in Oct 2015.

Address: Shaw House #B1-04/05 350 Orchard Rd


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