Paris restaurant visits (Aug 2015)

Finally, we were in Paris during this year summer.

Previous two times were during the off-peak Spring and Winter ( click these links Paris; Sweet things in Paris; Ma Paris; Winter in Paris).

This time, I had to make sure we visited the places never before.

It was a family trip hence it was a little hard to manage the group, pleasing everyone in their personal palettes.

During this course over 5 days, unfortunately we ran into two bad restaurants due to now research done beforehand. Yes, you could have nasty meals in Paris too.

Anyways, browse through for the run down –  where to note and where to avoid especially.

L’as du Falafel (32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris)

This combination is about Eur 8.50…it contained a mixture of lamb and chicken…good for two persons sharing if you’re on a eating trip.
Heaps of freshly grated vegetables for falafel fillings.

Creperie Framboise (7 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris; Champ Elysees area)

Lunch offers set meal – galette, sweet crepes and cider…about Eur 13 – Eur 16 per set. This one was spinach cheese egg galette, crispy outer skin and delicious!
Salted caramel crepe (part of the lunch set) – no word for this!

Bouillon Chartier (7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris; Opera area)

The entrance off the main road…looks like a huge canteen
Our lunch main courses and appetiser all at once…average about Eur 6.60 to Eur 12 for the steak frites
Creme pot and Profiteroles! Eur 3 and Eur 4 respectively. I ordered because I heard other tables ordering them…so good!
Restaurant interior at night
Went back for the second time during 9pm…this was confit de canard Eur9.90 and again the 6 piece escargots but not as well baked as last lunch.

Les Deux Magots (6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 Paris; near Rue de Bonaparte)

I had hot chocolate (in a hot summer mid morning?!) and he had a glass of Leffe beer with a plate of croque madame. All together about Eur 37…and you had to tip for using the nice toilets in the basement as with everywhere else in the region.

Le Carrousel (8 Rue Trois Freres, 75018 Paris; Montmatre area –  a nice treat after Sacre Coeur Basilica visit)

I had the Champion galette Eur10.50 consisted of sunny side up, cheese, ham and potatoes wrapped up in organic buckwheat pancake.
While my bro had sweet dessert pancakes made of plain flour, very decadent and about Eur7.50.

Tribeca (Museum Des Invalids)

We had nice pizza, crispy flavourful pan fried salmon, worst was bro’s lasagne which tasted rubbery and bland…

Le Solferino ( to avoid! 262 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris; near Musee D’orsay)

No picture taken, was in such a bad mood having such bad subpar food here.

We took flavourless French Onion Soup and salad then left.

Chez Clement (to avoid! 17 Boulevard des Capucines, 75002 Paris;Opera)

In fairness, the interior was pretty cozy filled with kitchen utensils decorative pieces seemingly could be used.

Too bad the food in general was so so. Only roast chicken and the silky dense mashed potatoes were the highlights.

A very simple 3 halved eggs salad from the set menu.

Steak Frites but it was horrible.
Pan fried white fillet – dry….luckily the ratatouille side was ok
Silky smooth mashed potatoes was the only star food during the dinner…roast chicken was passable on it tenderness.

Le Sarah-Bernhardt (so so experience – near Notre Dame area) – see my past post here.

Le Flore en Ile (mediocre experience – near Ile Saint Louis area) – see my past post here.

Hope this list serves you some good during your next trip to Paris, as a tourist.


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