Sweets in Paris 2015

Jacques Genin

The sleek shop front at the corner of the road
We had his famous hot chocolate , Vanilla millefeuille and took away some famous caramel sweets…
We ordered one portion of millefeuille, when we mentioned sharing, the kitchen nicely divided it into two clean portions at no extra cost…i love French hospitality.
Caramel sweets took away – soft chewy and so well made.

Amorino gelato

Well this Amorino cone was a little melted in the summer heat when i took a shot…supposed to be in petals of all the nut based flavours…as smooth as good as always…

Berthillon ice-cream

Well August is the holiday month for Parisians and hence the official Berthillon shop we visited was closed until early September.

Luckily the cafes and snack shops in the vicinity do sell Berthillon ice-cream still.

Caramel au beurre sale is the to go for flavour and noisette comes second.
See our past visit.

Pozetto gelato

Pozetto shop front at Marais area, they also serve delicious Italian light lunches.
Very smooth and intense gelato of classic pistachio and hazelnut flavours.

Pierre Herme

Isaphan from Pierre Herme finally tried. Eur6.50  So good even my non sweet toothed dad loved it.
The cake display of Pierre Herme dessert shop.

Also purchased a box of summer macaron selection at Eur25. Too tart on most summery flavoured macarons. Should have stick to classic caramel and chocolate ones.

Cafe Pouchkine

Recommended by the waiter – the classic Russian layered cake in intense caramel and some unique spice scent, pretty good yet interesting. Eur 7.50 for a slice to take away.
Interior of Cafe Pouchkine, the branch near Rue de Bonaparte…
Gorgeous cake display inside the cafe…

Debauve & Gallais

Met this royal assigned chocolate shop by passing, so had to go in to picks a few chocolate for Eur10 just to try. Honestly, they were traditional and structurally defined but I prefer new generation chocolatier in terms of taste and innovation.

Cafe Angelina

The 3rd time…this time with family…too hot outside but we still need the Paris tribute of French onion soup, hot chocolate…

Lindt chocolate shop

Ran into a huge Lindt chocolate shop (yup, it is Swiss) and this chocolate hose was the only thing I want to put my mouth to…
Lindt chocolate shop in Paris…massive

Leclair de Genie

Eclairs from this famed eclair specialty shop, but I went to the branch at food hall of Galeries Lafayette. Bought salted caramel at Eur5, and it was so so so good. Why did I share it with him?
French butter selection at the gourmet hall of Galerie Lafayette…wish I could buy them all
6 nights in Paris and for two breakfasts, mine was sweet sweet sweet…(Top Left: Cafe Angelina lafricain cake took away, melted and deformed on the long way home) (Top right: Cafe Angelina Montblanc) (Bottom left: Pierre Herme summer macaron selection)

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