Brussels Sweets & Eats

Maison Dandoy

The view from upstairs seating area indoor…
The house made confectionery corner…aint cheap
Maison Dandoy is one of the top names when it comes to waffles. So he had Liege waffle (dense sugary and buttery batter) and I ordered normal Belgium waffle which was light and fluffy inside with a crispy exterior. Both were delicious in its own right.

OR Espresso Bar

Part of the interior near entrance
Pain au chocolate with two flat whites, finally found a proper Aussie feel cafe serving proper cuppa

Brasserie Grimberger cafe

This brasserie cafe located at a quieter corner near St Catherine place
Garlic cream mussels pot Eur25 and a plate of fried calamari ring Eur16 and that was thick yet so tender on teeth…and of course their house beer which was alright, blond beer recommended not the dark one.

Moeder Lambic

One of the beers tasted at Moeder Lambic – knowledgeable friendly staff, and of course cheap & good Belgium house brew beer here

On the menu, it’s called salted we tried Eur18 for this plate. And boy we didn’t expect this…big plate…served with a warm basket of nicely baked bread, so good…


A seafood stall that doubles up as a seafood stall selling fresh yummy seafood dishes, no seats only tall tables for standing.
I had prawn croquette Eur 8…crunchy breading on the outside, creamy bechamel studded with fresh small prawns inside. Good stuff.
Fresh baby mussels cooked in white wine, simple and darn delicious. Eur 5 for a small serving.
Fried calamari Eur 5 for a small plate, a little over fried but fresh.

Snacks tried

Belgium is well known for her frites so had to try one, grabbed the first met around the corner near our apart-hotel called Fritland. Eur3.50 for a cone with a big dollop of plain mayonnaise, pretty ok.


Chocolates tried –
Jean Phillips Darcis; Neuhaus ; Leonidas ; Pierre Marcaloni

Felt like an obligation to this worldwide spread Leonidas, purchased about 5 pieces of praline and truffle of different tastes, Eur 2 only…fairly ok tasting.
One of the bigger Leonidas branch…this side shows only Praline selection…so many varieties.
Darcis Phillipe macarons – I remembered trying it first at Singapore branch but it disappeared from SG…anyways, only tried their macarons where the shells were really chewy, taste department was alright. Not my cup of tea.
One of the many pretty waffle shops with their offerings…Eur 1 is for plain without anything, for a sensible fruit and sauce laden waffle will come up to Eur3.50 onwards
Finally arriving at this famed Belgian chocolatier shop
I bought only one milk chocolate eclair Eur4, it was good, wished I had the appetite to try more…next time
Neuhaus another famed Begian chocolatier shop at the arcade

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