L’eclair by Sarah Michelle (SG)

(Left to right) Vanilla w/pecans; Salted Caramel; Dark Chocolate; Hazelnut Praline. Each was SGD7.50 or SGD8.

I was so ecstatic to know about this homegrown eclair specialty shop.

In fact, because of reading an article about this new start up, I got to know the existence of L’eclair de Genie in Paris just before my summer trip in Paris.

Hence, there is a good comparison between the choux pastry texture and Salted Caramel (the only flavour tried in both shops).  L’eclair de Genie salted caramel was intense and ultra luscious, still reign. However, SM version was not lacking far behind. Texture wise, SM choux pastry was softer and lacked a little oomph factor in it …

Anyhow, all the pretty eclair creations here worth a try still.

Quiche Lorraine (front); Chicken & Ham Pie (back). SGD12 each.

Quiche lorraine was nice, I took away and reheated in my home oven. The crust was on the crunchy side and utterly buttery. A little different from the normal humble quiche lorraine found in Paris.

Whereas the chicken & ham pie crust was on the sweet side, resembling the crust for sweet berries compote type. Filling itself was savoury and good.

I wish they could serve a selection of savouries in the cute luxe shop as well.

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