Amsterdam sights & tastes

Sir Albert Hotel (boutique hotel in De Pjip)

Really glad to have stayed at this boutique hotel near the tram line and in a cafe filled neighbourhood – De Pjip
Library theme for the lobby waiting area
Staircase landing area

Lunchroom Hannibal

Our coffee to start off the morning here, about Eur 2.90 each…ok tasting
A very sumptious and delicious breakfast recommended on Foursquare in De Pjip area just around the corner from our hotel…total about Eur 34 including a coffee each….this meal last us until dinner time :)

Highly recommend the pancakes made here, crispy and flavoursome even without the bacons.

Cafe Loetje

Apparently this cafe serves one of the best steaks in Amsterdam and it’s only down the road from our hotel. This meal with service charge cost around Eur 55 including 2 glasses beer.

He ordered XXL steak with full on toppings – caramelised onion, pan fried chicken liver and strips of bacon drench in melted butter sauce.

I made do with a simple beef burger as I know I’ll be eating off some of his portion.

Worth a try really.

Walking along one of the many canals in the city…
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is recommended though is pretty expensive Eur18 per adult…this one intricately made tea set impressed me…so practical still
Heinken Experience tour Eur18 per adult was alright, pretty interactive and commercial…give it a go if beer is your thing.
Of course have to visit the Flower Market but too bad it’s not Tulip season…we bought some venus fly trap seed & soil tin set at Eur3.50 and that was it. Weed starter kit on sale too but it’s not going to get through…haha
This fried fish bits Eur 8 for a portion actually found at Amsterdam airport while waiting to fly off back to Ireland from a shop called Happy Seafood. I was quite impressed with the spice crunchy light batter and juicy flaky fish inside…need to share it here.
One of the many cheese shops in Amsterdam…was more impressed with the antique China vase. Just buy gouda in slices of wedges in supermarket…cheaper and same quality.
An obligatory I amsterdam shot in front of the museum…there letters are located elsewhere around the city as well.
Impressive range and amount of night grubs available at Red Light district…sorry can’t take pics of the ‘display windows’ so only food porn here.

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