Dublin in Aug2015

Brother Hubbard cafe

Interior on a chilly summer Sat morning for refueling

Flat white, cappuccino, cinnamon roll Eur2.90 each

Bro ordered hot chocolate – it was a cup fliled with thick chocolate ganache and to be diluted with a jug of steamed hot chocolate milk

Murphy’s ice-cream

Hard to find a quality homegrown ice-cream in Ireland, an irony given her abundance in dairy production. The arrival of Murphys ice-cream is way long overdue…

These scoops might look plain to you but they are really creamy and intensely flavoured. Salted versions were highly recommended.

Epicurean Food hall

Fish & Chips from Marco, at the food court entrance. We tried fresh cod and also the normal fishy white fillet. Batter was grand, light and crispy but flavourless. Guess that was why the table was equipped with salt and malt vinegar.

A random Dublin street shot.

Food Village inside at St Stephens green

Interior of St Stephens Green shopping centre.

Inside the shopping centre, lies a food court where Insomnia cafe branch offered sandwich and coffee for Eur5.90, not bad at all.

Bunsen (burger)

Apparently the best burger in Dublin. Serving only beef burgers and fries, some alchocol and milkshakes. I found the patty pretty juicy and flavoursome. Worth a try.


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