New Orleans (Louisiana, US)


Festive menu – pumpkin spice waffle & chicken, and this is for our late dinner, yup iHop opens 24 hours

The syrup here on every table…

The Cheesecake Factory

Part of the late lunch spread at the end of our business trip at The Cheesecake Factory

The countless range of cheesecake here and in huge size

As recommended by the waiter, but I didn’t like the turtle caramel cheesecake, too sweet. Fresh strawberry slice was just nice, plain and simple…

Red Lobster House

Fresh lobster from colleague’s plate…

Side of grilled scallop with wild rice, and this was fantastic

Cafe du Monde

The famous beignet dusted with icing sugar…we were too full so shared a plate…

It was late afternoon so we ordered hot chocolate instead to avoid the caffeine which otherwise the famous chicory coffee is not to be missed…

Cafe Lynn

This localised French restaurant was probably my favourite dinner throughout the business trip.

De-shelled escargots in garlic butter…

I avoided main course and opted for two appetisers – French onion soup and crab cake, fresh seafood cooked well here

Colleague’s crab claw appetiser, so many of them! These babies were so fresh and tender

Another colleague’s sea scallop main in garlic butter, so good!

The Chimes

The bar area

Fried onion and it was humongous!

Grilled oysters! so fresh, plump and tasty!

My fried crawfish salad which was overwhelming, and sorry to waste it :(

The famous bread butter pudding doused in caramel and pecans…


One of the famous must-try restaurants in New Orleans

Sharing appetiser of artichoke spinach dip, first time seeing fried pasta for me! It was delicious!

Fluffy salty biscuits for the mains

One of the restaurant’s classic dishes, crawfish and fried egg plant cajun cream sauce with pasta within

And that was all the food pictures I managed to snap…

Floats in French Quarter met by passing

A hot sauce specialty shop in town, and I didn’t buy any!! So, HAVE TO BUY at least 5 types next trip!

Street shot inside French Quarter

A witchery shop inside French Quarter

Early evening around some residential area inside French Quarter

Window front


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