Causeway Bay/ Tin Hau, Central & Wanchai Eats and See (Hong Kong)

Causeway Bay, Wanchai and Central are located on Hong Kong island.

There 3 spots are dotted with old and new eateries catering for any first time or repeated visitors HK experience. If you have only one weekend, just cover these three areas with some sight seeing which are also on the same MTR line…

Alright, before you read on about Hong Kong local eats – here are some of my thoughts about the hospitality style at the local eateries except you’re at a proper above mid-range restaurants. They are not being rude, they are used to fast paced attitude in serving food… it’s their aptitude towards Hong Kong lifestyle…so do not take it personally. They do not greet with a smile nor be on your good side for more business, what you ordered they will strive to delivery with accuracy and speed so the customer will leave full and ready for the rest of the day. And that’s all to it.



Don’t know about you, was not after Tim Ho Wan at all and heard that this dim sum chain was reasonably price and good…

Cheong Fun with scallop and fried dough inside – not bad, could have been fresher

Part of our supper before returning to hotel…we ordered 5-6 items and paid only about SGD10+ per person withtea and service charge included


Peak Tram Ride

The Lower Peak Tram Terminus within 10 mins walk from Central MTR

If you are taking a walk from Central MTR to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus which is quite a nice walk, you will see Bank of China

The queue starts right at the terminal point of the peak tram and here you can see the tram approaching while waiting…

A super foggy and cold day in this Jan at the peak, hence couldn’t see much view…oh well

Lan Fong Yuen

Well this hole in the wall shop was highly recommended and I find it overrated, still I need to testify against the online reviews so queued to sit in for their milk tea and the supposed tasty tomato soup noodle…I will choose a good cup of Teh C over milk tea here anytime.

The kaya french toast was good and oily, milk tea and milk coffee were decent, and I had only the tomato soup which was on the sweet side loaded with some minced meat and potato chunks, very much tomato sauce based…

Yat Lok roast goose

One of the famous roast goose spots in HK and we recommend this one to go for…

Roast goose lou meen – rendered crispy skin coupled with al dente noodle coated in simple oyster sauce and a blend of seasoned soya sauce…

Roast Goose rice, simple and rustic … he liked it so much that we had to go back 3 times in this week in HK

Mak’s Noodle

As you know, Mak’s noodle has opened a few outlets in Singapore now and it wasn’t my intention to visit the same in Hong Kong. We intended to try Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记 wonton which was apparently cheap (about HKD19) and good (big wontons and big fish balls) but it was closed on Monday so we resorted to Mak’s noodle opposite…next time then

The menu…of Mak’s noodle

Mak’s noodle shop front in Central

I had wonton soup and he had beef brisket with wontons…they were alright, bouncy rough chopped prawns within but the wonton skin was a little too thick to my liking

Honolulu cafe

Well, this is the spot we hopped to after Yat Lok roast goose nearby…wasn’t sure but read about it online for Bolo Bao, HK Milk Tea and egg tart so decided to sit in

The must order items at Honolulu, they were all pretty ok…can skip if you don’t have the calorie allowance or time

Kou Kei Beef Noodle

The most famous beef noodle shop in HK located in Central area

HKD43 each bowl here – not a big bowl but packed with ingredients…i especially liked my curry beef tendon hor fun, highly recommended it, curry is house made, robust broth and very tender tendon and meat falling apart

Tai Cheong Bakery

Tai Cheong Bakery – synonymous name for her supposed best egg tarts in HK

The golden egg tarts out of the oven HKD8 each

Snapshot on a rainy weekday evening in Central

Star Ferry – Central Pier to Tsim Tsa Chui

HKD2.50 per trip, cheaper than MTR ride and highly recommend it

Yung Kee Roast Meat

First night, at this family owned roast meat restaurant Yong Kee (current one with family dispute and this might close down in near future)

The selection of house waxed and cured meat inside the restaurant…

This plate of roast goose is good for 2-4 persons about HKD220+

We ordered this as it’s labelled with one of the recommended dishes and it seemed tempting from the next table ~HKD220+

Century Egg (Pi Dang) house cured and half of this is at HKD40+, oh ya, it was good

Causeway Bay

Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle 麥兆記雲吞麵

We had first 4 nights at Causeway Bay, actually it’s located next to Tin Hau MTR exit, and this so-called traditional wonton shop is nearby for our first HK wonton endeavour …HKD55 and HKD65 for dry, ain’t cheap!

Via Tokyo

The much talked about matcha focus dessert store in HK, have to go there

Left was the seasonal dessert item, the super smooth matcha heavy soft serve coupled with super crunchy waffle was good. I had also the matcha cheesecake which on the other hand was alright, too dense and base was a little soggy…about SGD9 per item…

Street shot at Causeway Bay

Hanjuku kobo cheese tart

A cheese tart specialty shop at Causeway Bay…Japan origin of course

The cheese tarts are fast selling hence each one of them was still toasty upon purchase and what drawn me in was the Matcha Cheese Tart HKD22 each…

Guess what, cheese tart seems to be trending in HK now. Another one located at the basement of SOGO called Bake and it’s only HKD20 which look exactly the same in size and quality, just original taste though no matcha flavours…

Hui Lou Shan

Before heading back to our hotel which is nearer to Tin Hau MTR, decided to stop by this other popular dessert chain which in my memory was very good 9 years back…however, this time round…

The items are like HKD50+ each and this mango sago in mango puree was HDK53+ for a small bowl…not sure why I decided to order it, and quality non existent so AVOID this chain, nothing to shout about.

Urban Bakery’s salted egg croissant

At the basement of Hysan Place shopping centre, inside Jasons Market, found this famous Salted Egg Yolk croissant HKD22 each, but they’re not warm anymore, I had to borrow hotel’s buffet station toaster to heat up and man it was good but a little too sweet…

Hung Kee wonton

Hung Kee wonton tried located at 12th floor of Hysan Place as my quest for the comforting wonton soup continues

Sweet Auntie Desserts

The dessert menu here

Ordered this recommended durian tofu pudding, it was indeed a well balanced of nutty durian pulp atop of very smooth tofu pudding coupled with some coconut cream(presumably) HKD43

​This concludes our eats on Hong Kong island, well it could have been more sights explored if not for the cold spell we ran into during our week there which was said to be the coldest winter in HK in the past 40 years.

Lookout for Kowloon eats next.


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