Kowloon sights & eats / Lantau Island (Hong Kong)

Harbour City

City Super supermarket

Inside this huge shopping centre by the harbour, a high end supermarket called City Super, stubmled upon Mao Shang Wan durian and half of it selling for over SGD100+

Dim Sum Bar

Our third day in HK, I haven’t had any dim dum and it was cold and wet today, so decided to stay indoor and looked for a dim sum store that’s within Harbour City mall and this is it…

Whilst the dim sum quality pretty good but price point was overpriced, about SGD40+ for just two of us…recommended the Har Gow especially.


After dim sum and before departing for Star Ferry back to HK island, met another matcha dessert speciality shop ICremeria…

Had this matcha affogato HKD45…matcha soft serve doused in hot matcha tea…nice

Goldfish Market Street

Yes you might find this cruel, it was an interesting streetnonetheless selling mainly goldfish and pets…

Temple Street Market

One of the most popular night markets, I would say the food stalls and street food around here are worth checking out…

Stumbled upon this congee shop which was something I crave during this cold evening

Had a bowl of HK19 century egg fish and pork congee each, and the fritter dough and man the ingredients were in abundance and silky congee was flavourful, so good….and the cheapest congee we have had in HK

Flower Market Street

All the glorious clementine trees lined up for Chinese New Year not only along this street but also in the vicinity of the flower market

Totally unseen in Singapore / Malaysia, a popular fruit used in CNY decor in Hong Kong

Capital cafe

Forget about the infamous Australia Dairy cafe which served mediocre food, had terrible service and immense touristy crowd – well that’s what I read from online blogs anyways. We tried out this cafe which was famous for the perfectly executed scrambled egg and other typical Cha Chang Teng items as our dinner.

The menu…if you look at the logo of the cafe it actually says Chrisly Cafe but it’s known as Capital cafe widely…not sure why

He had this satay beef sandwich which was one of the new items

I had this truffle dotted scramble egg HKD48…it was good…you can ignore the very faint truffle bits though and save probably a good fortune on this creamy scrambled egg

Kam Wah cafe

Kam Wah cafe found only in Kowloon, no other branches in HK

The items ordered on this breakfast – famous for their huge ‘bolo you’ bolo bun with butter flanked inside, milk tea, we ordered also the ‘wok hei’ scented beef hor fun (oily thoughb ut big plate) and he had milk coffee…all good…

Nathan Congee and noodle

Nearby our hotel is this old congee shop which has been operating for more than past 40 years…so we had our last breakfast here before departing for airport.

The menu of this Nathan congee shop

Had fish and century egg congee…double priced for the same quality and portion of the same we tried near Temple Market Street…I prefer the one at latter shop

Lantau Ngo Ping 360

We bought online for about SGD50+ each to tour Ngo Ping with crystal cable car ride…

Thank goodness it was a clear though still cold day during this cable ride out to Lantau island

Cable car ride view

When we reached Ngo Ping and just before the stairs up to Big Buddha, there’s a row of commercial shops for eateries and what not…we settle for Honeymoon Desserts which is a chain store but quality is better than Hui Lou Shan…

Honeymoon Desserts – My warm black sesame and black rice pudding dessert and he had his cold coconut mango black rice pudding


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