O Comptoir (SG)

While waffles, pancakes and the rest of the hearty American luscious brunch food shots flooding the social networks… this classic French dish or rather Britanny origin dish always win my heart.

Made of plain flour and eggs that yield sweet crepes Or normally organic buckwheat flour that gives the savoury crispy galette.

Smoked salmon salad crepe S$16++
I’m so glad that this shop serves authentic and absolutely delicious galette here.

The savoury Menage a 5 which would be called En Complet (complete) when ordering galette in France was filled with oozing cheese, ham, mushrooms, molten egg with crispy exterior.

While my healthy salad galette was not the crispy type, it was thin, fluffy and nutty tasting. The fresh piles of bitter greens atop with some smoked salmon slivers served as a healthy supper.

Yes, I’ll be back on a weekend brunch time to have my galette again…and again.

Menage a 5 galette S$16++

Address: 79 Circular Road
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