Beer Thai Restaurant at Golden Mile Complex (SG)

One page of the many menus

And I’m finally here after almost a decade living in Singapore.

The dinner spread over 4 dishes – dessert afterwards . S$7nett for Green curry fried rice; S$10 for seafood tom yum soup with coconut milk and S$7 for salted egg papaya salad; S$8 for sticky rice mango dessert…S$8 for Singha beer bottle and S$3.50 for a young coconut drink

All the Thai dishes here were legit and cooked by a good willed Thai chef.

We were here once on Saturday night and once on Saturday lunch time, both timings were packed with people and quality was consistent. This Green curry fried rice was packed with so much flavour and fresh Thai veges.

Pandan Chicken – well caramelised skin and marinated…must order! S$10 nett

I had no idea Panda Chicken here was so good and now it’s a must for us every time we come here.

Thai Supermarket in the same building – filled with fresh produce … what are these fury red fruits? Palm fruits?

Finally got my Thai tea stocked up here


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