Waterway Point food tour (SG)

As a Punggolian, I was elated to be invited to be part of the food tour group held by Frasers. And boy, I did not know there are so many good eats within vicinity of my apartment apart from the Cinema and Fair Price Finest trips made there.

F&B actually occupies 30% tenancy of this Green Mark certified mall. For cyclist like me, glad to know that there are 120 lots for bicycle parking.

Ok, let’s start off this Waterway Point food tour pots with Desserts then we go backwards to savoury ones – because desserts capture the attention.

Ji De Chi desserts

Durian dessert saga from Ji De Chi – highly recommended

Smooth mango ice shavings with mango cubes, nata de coco and mango bubbles…perfect to cool these humid and hot days

Osaka Ohsho

Japanese style Kung Po chicken and gyoza set – homey and comforting, easy on the wallet too

I’d highly recommend their beef brisket ramen, the beef was braised to the right tenderness and flavour.

So Pho

Crunchy and refreshing Vietnamese spring roll to start off the meal

This is a set of pan fried dory fish topped with crunchy garlic bits, and an appetising plate of vermicelli salad to go with.

And here’s the quintessential bowl of pho…not bad, the broth could be deeper bodied

Bonus of dining at So Pho waterway point, you get to have the outdoor view of newly developed Punggol housing area…not as barren, yet quite lush green

Dian Xiao Er

Roast duck is one of the best seller dishes at Dian Xiao Er, it comes with 3 choices of herbal and nutritious dipping sauce – the fat underneath the skin was rendered out pretty well. Tender duck meat to boot.

This simple pan fried buttery tasting Cod Fish doused in house concocted soya sauce mixture with a bunch of fresh crunchy spring onion was a winner, homey and so good.

Salted egg pumpkin sauce! This was addictive, crunchy lightly fried lotus root slices and also pumpkin nuggets coated in the very savoury sauce…a must order!

A simple plate of perfectly stir fried fresh green, but this is so appetising as a splash of citrusy vinegar was mixed in as well.

Grove (vegetarian)

The bright and airy corner lies this vegeterian cafe…an upcoming kid water play area will be done in due time

Tucked away in a corner just beside the ever popular Koufu food court at the mall, there is this hip vegetarian cafe selling also Australia imported bubble tea brand called Utopia. Here are the red bean and chocolate bubbles …the milk tea was legit, it carried enough tannin to counter off the milkiness, and the fresh bubbles within were tender and chewy.

Truffles fries at S$5.80 nett for a small to medium basket, ain’t bad for value

The French Table

And who knew there is this quaint and legit French restaurant smacked right at Punggol, I enjoyed the French duck confit very much…there are also Singapore favourites in this restaurant though not strictly French cuisine

The crabmeat and mushroom pasta with a soft poached egg atop was filled with strong umami flavour, a legit dish

One of the ways to find out how good the chef executing French dishes is to look at the mashed potato or rather Puree ded Pommes …and this smooth yet dense version passed the test.

This dessert was so refreshing and delicious. Poached pear with chopped macerated fruits topped with frozen honey yoghurt…I will order it again next visit.

For the tai tai in Punggol, you would be happy to know that they are serving high tea set very soon, and we were given a preview of the tea selection here. It is of high class stuff yet at neighbourhood price, yup!


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