Jiufen; Jin Gua Shi; Keelung (Taipei)


We revisited Taipei after 2 years from the first visit and this time we only covered the nearby outskirt destinations over this 5 day trip.

View from Jiufen

Grilled seafood greets you before squeezing into the main small lane leading towards lanes after lanes within this quaint but touristy town

One of the stalls selling the quintessential Taiwanese snack – ice-cream crushed peanut wrap

I’d highly recommend this fried king oyster mushroom snack when roaming through lanes after lanes in Jiufen

Jiufen view

Stumbled upon a shop selling only Prosperity Cat decor pieces

Even back of the shop is lined with these cute cat decors

Down the small lane within the hilly Jiufen, on our way out to nearby Jinguashi (gold mining town)


After a short 15 mins bus ride from Jiufen, we arrived at this gold mining town under Japanese occupation back then.

The Japanese wooden houses

The mountaineous view as we roamed around Jinguashi

Tracks for carts carrying the gold mined out is one of the features of this quiet town.

We took part in a very short tour of the restored gold mining route – I’d highly recommend it, only 50 NTD per adult.


And from Jinguashi, we took a bus straight to Keelung harbour town, where there are many trains bound for Taipei. Hence we took the chance to roam the famed Keelung night market and surroundings.

Keelung view at late evening

Popped by one of the enticing bakeries to snack on, the portions and varieties are so tempting and so reasonably priced too. The egg tarts were so good!

The river through Keelung


Keelung night market coming to live

Keelung night market – we were there too early for the lanterns to lit up

I had to try these fresh deep fried seafood…

And the temple in the middle of Keelung night market

Stay tuned for the rest of the Taipei revisited posts coming up.


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