Matcha desserts in Taipei

平安京茶事 located near Taipei Power Station MRT. I ordered Houjicha and Matcha roll cake set – green tea (matcha) was potent and though the roll cakes were not as tender but the flavours were as matcha  as it gets…
平安京茶事 – he got this matcha jelly, mochi and ice-cream set with azuki beans…very good
108 Matcha Saro – visited this matcha counter at the basement of Q Square mall
108 Matcha Saro – we tried only a parfait and the matcha pancake with red bean filling. First one was good but wished it was more match soft serve than those crunches…pancake can give it a miss
PABLO – i tried this popular Osaka origin cheese tart branch located at Taipei main station, the baked matcha cheese tart was mellow and faint tasting, the best part for me was the ultra crispy & butter puff pastry base.
PABLO – as for him, he opted for a simple chocolate mille crepe to go with coffee, spent our lunch here while waiting to check into the hotel room nearby.
Mister Donut – a donut chain from Japan and of course ubiquitous in Taipei. They launched a green tea range during this summer and I had to helped myself to one with the most matcha ratio, chewy donut coupled with reasonable amount of matcha potency, wish I had packed a box of them back to Singapore.

List of the shops here:
Mister Donut (Islandwide)
Pin An Jing Cha Shi (near Taipei Power Station MRT)
108 Matcha Saro (Q square branch)
Pablo (Taipei Main Station)



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