Taipei city & Danshui revisited May2016

This 2nd time of visiting Taipei, we made it a point to cover as many outskirts of Taipei…

Though not quite successful due to the summer heat and laziness but we managed still to explore Jiufen, Jinguashi and Keelung in the prvious post. Here, we made a half day trip to Danshui…

An warm overcast day at this seaside town occupied mainly by weekenders and tourists…
Seaside view…
We tried out basted grilled stinky tofu on a stick, pretty good to snack on for protein…
Obligatory bridge in Danshui, well, it’s an okay place to roam about and many boat rides off the shore to nearby small islands…long stretch of street snacks dotted along the seaside…a chilled place but nothing much.
Back in Taipei city, we tried another beef noodle shop with decades of history called Lao Zhang…something, it’s directly opposite 桃源街牛肉麵 which was closed on a Sunday. This bowl is popular with locals, portion was filled with huge chunky beef pieces – about SGD9 per bowl. Good bowl, but I still prefer Yong Kang Beef Noodle version for some reason.
We walked from hotel at Taipei main station to search for this old beef noodle shop at Taoyuan St…en route, we met by this retro ice-cream shop.
Retro ice-cream of 3 flavours (S$2), it was too sweet and consistency was thin. I prefer our own Malaysian/Singapore retro coconut ice-cream flavour better.
Also, passed by a garden with this view…
Revisited Shilin night market…
We also revisited Shilin Night Market and tried again this giant Prince stuff potato croquette doused in cheese sauce…comfort supper food indeed.
At the basement of Shilin Night Market building itself, I’d recommend to try out this Zhong Cheng Hao stall for the local eats like Fried Stinky Tofu and Oyster Omelette…good snack sized portion and for chilli fan, the housemade chilli oil condiment packed a punch.
The starchy oyster omelette highlight was the addictive and acidic spicy chilli sauce atop…perfect for supper with cold beer. If you are heat intolerant, they have a shop on floor level…basement could be really warm for the uninitiated.
Another street shot of Shilin night market…
Within the night market, lies a temple and its night view
We attempted Siang Shan Trail to reach the middle of the mountain for evening shot of Taipei101 on our last night. I’d highly recommend this trail smacked right in city centre.

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