Tensho (SG)

Mixed Tendon (front); Signature Tendon (back)

Mixed Tendon (front); Signature Tendon (back)

Disclaimer – I don’t associate with any sponsorship here and tastings here are out of my own pocket and own will unless otherwise stated.

So, before I start on this post, have you used Eating app? And I was so glad there’s such app for hermit like me who likes going out at odd hours to avoid crowd and I mean avoiding humans as much as possible.

So, off peak on a weekday afternoon for a very late lunch, I just checked into Eatigo and found a slot an hour before my arrival time in town for a meal and stumbled upon Tensho as my Japanese meal option. Glad I managed to land on 30% off for the crispy tendon (battered and fried meat in Japanese) bowls you have seen above.

There is original sauce or spicy sauce you can opt for, go for the spicy one. Savoury and came with some kick.

Highly recommended if you have such craving and land on even 50% discount on whatever off peak timing you could find on #Eatigo. And this shop is under Ministry Of Food group – FYI.

Of course, if I have the time, I would also like to try the other Japanese origin shops that sell  Tendon bowl atTanjong Pagar, Suntec City, Dempsey Hill…whatever the names are…

B1, Centrepoint Point Shopping Centre (Somerset MRT)


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