Wineport – a dining gem by an inland lake (Ireland)

Interior overlooking the lake with choppy water during the cold breezy spring, during lunch the restaurant uses the lounge which is small but cosy, I didn’t mind as it has the perfect view of the lake compared to the main dining room.

Table setting – he ordered a bottle of Australian red wine Eur 32, and I wasn’t happy but it was a holiday so I caved in…

Seafood chowder – Eun 7. Our favourite starter here, packed with flavour and smokiness.

Carbonara and believe me, this portion was huge and very tasty, al dente egg tagliatelle to boot – Eur13 as dish of the day

Fish & Chips Eur18 – ain’t bad, thick white fish but batter was too thick, thick cut chips were delicious


Dessert! Mascarpone and coconut ice-cream – Eun 7. We were expecting a rustic bowl of something sweet and this came out beautifully plated, tasted good too.

My lemon tart with basil and raspberry compote on the side, a vanilla meringue atop of creamy ice-cream, a delicious end. Eur 7.

You will be glad to know this restaurant is housed within a lodge where you can spent a nice quiet weekend at.

Wineport Lodge 4 star hotel
Co. Westmeath
Republic of Ireland


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