Dublin 2017 – a short post on this chilly spring

This time round, we only had 3 hours to spend in Dublin, so the cafes mapped out for this trip couldn’t be realised. We made the best we could and this year, let’s see the cafes and restaurant covered within these 3 hours – all dotted around Dublin 2 area near Grafton Street.


Flat White and Ginger Apricot Latte, Eur3.50 each – finally I found a properly made potent cup of coffee here! Yay!

Rustic Stone

Before we start with the pictures, though the restaurant itself was beautifully set up with attentive staff, the food was hyped up on the reviews – we were quite disappointed with the cooking and portions here.

Pork ragu parpadelle Eur19 for a large plate – it’s not all bad news, pasta here was delicious and good for two adults sharing.

T-bone on heated stone for sharing, we were shocked with this presentation and the waiter kindly came over to help us out with carving and advice, still the meat was over cooked on the heated stone then – a pity.

Bro’s fillet with prawns atop – Eun 32 a portion. Again it was overheated hence passed medium rare state, a pity.


Cafe interior

Large hot chocolate (sweet version) Eur 3.50 and also order a hot chocolate with pure cocoa powder Eun 3.50, however, both disappointing, nice space but the hot chocolate was too diluted with milk. The signature hot chocolate from Starbucks beat this hands down and do not expect French hot chocolate type.


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