Spring in London, UK 2017

A short compilation here on some of the eats and sights during our few days stay in London this April. And we were so ‘lucky’ to meet the cold week, apart from a few occasional sunshine breaks, the wintry breeze was persistent throughout.
Anyhow, it’s always a nice trip when you only worry about what to eat and shopping list to tick off – and this time was no exception, luckily.

Patisserie Valerie

Full English breakfast and a cup of Cappuccino at this ubiquitous cake chain – Patisserie Valerie, decent.

Borough Market

Borough Market – half open on the Tuesday we visited…
The popular paella shop which is an extension of a fresh seafood store, they also sell Malaysian curry and fried squid. Any of each is GBP7 per portion.
Here is the scrumptious chilli fried squid, really fresh.
The fish shop

Rabot 1745 (cacao shop)

Located just beside Borough Market, we were met with this cacao specialty shop, gotta have a hot chocolate in this cold breezy spring before we moved onto the market itself.
The cocoa beans were roasted, ground and tempered in house.
We ordered a large chilli chocolate, it was marvellous and perfect to beat the cold in this chilly spring.

Ye Olde Chesire Cheese Pub

The entrance is located at a narrow alley
This very old pub came recommended by his local friend, interior was literally an English old house with vintage Knicks knacks retained, and of course I couldn’t avoid fish & chips to go with the beer.

Jamaican Wine Bar

Another drinking hole came recommended by his local friend, food only served in the basement restaurant space, otherwise, just booze here. This shop used to be a warehouse for imported coffee beans and hence this antique coffee machine on display which I’m quite fascinated with.

Monmouth (coffee)

We went to the branch at Covent Garden, it was pretty crowded inside and outside, so only managed this picture.

Maison Bertaux

Supposed the oldest patisserie in London, so I had to pop in to have a look.
Very rustic interior and set up
I took away the strawberry cheesecake (GBP4.50) for my afternoon tea along with 2 macarons (GBP1.90 each) from Pierre Herme located nearby – perfect!

Neal’s Yard

Street shot at Neal’s Yard, near Covent Garden

Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme stand alone shop near Covent Garden – only macarons and packaged sweets, no fresh pastries available.

Other sights met along the way…

Easter decor at Moubatten Deli shop gone enthusiastically
How nice, this was sighted along sidewalk of a pub…
Leadenhall Market passed by at 5pm, all shops closed by then unfortunately.

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