Afternoon Tea @ Chihuly Lounge, Ritz Carlton (Singapore)

Chinese New Year is normally very quiet for us as my parents are not around, and in laws are of a very small unit.

Good and bad. Good that I don’ t have to break the bank to give out Hong Baos, but I miss my childhood – all the buzz leading up to Chinese New Year, my mum was rushing to buy us new clothes and shoes, we were visiting endless famillies & relatives as well as receiving countless red packets, that was the only time of the year we would not be scolded for snacking from table to table.

Anyways, this year, I decided it’s good to spend sometime outdoor on Chu Yi (first day of CNY), so why not kicked off the lunar new year with a CNY themed afternoon tea buffet.

Crepe suzette made on the spot flambee with orange liquer, pretty refreshing.

I adore the savoury stations adorned with bite size seafood-centric selections, the addictive salted egg powder laced fish skins were pretty good!

This is only a small selection from the dessert stations, i picked mainly chocolate based – of course. Boy they are good.

Some of the items above were only available during the CNY. Is it worth it? Yes. Will I be back soon? Well, maybe after I have finished visiting all the afternoon tea places in Singapore, then I will be back.


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