♥so.moo.food started in Jan 2009

My short name is Adel (or Adeline in full). I picked up English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and French, also a little bit of Japanese. Spent my childhood and up to late teen in Malaysia and Ireland, now settling in Singapore…for a while.

I am always avid about food preparation, tasting, cooking as well as minor baking, since this blog started off, the passion for food & travel grows and never stopped since.

Me think prayer and meditation is the ultimate food for well being. No matter how good the physical food is, it could never replace the spiritual food.

Do drop a comment anywhere on the blog if you wish to contact myself, cheerios!


20 thoughts on “Profile

  1. adel h says:

    Hi Foodieah, I am back (for 4 mths plus already) and as we ‘speak’ here I’m actually going to Dublin tonight, for a while. Good to see your blogging again!

  2. adel h says:

    Hi Janet, yeah, working in Singapore now and food here is superb, settled down almost completely :) I still travel between Dublin and S’pore almost twice a year to visit famillies.

  3. theplebeianpalate says:

    Hey Adel,

    You sure have an elaborated blog that dates all the way back to 2008 that is constantly updated! Will definitely be reading it constantly now. :)


  4. SG Food on Foot says:

    HI Adel, finally get to meet you in person at York Hotel. Nice blog and keep it up. Look forward to more delicious reviews.

  5. June says:

    Hi Adel! Could not stop reading your food reviews the whole afternoon, great job ya! I would actually like to invite you to do a review on a new cafe! Do drop me an email! Cheers

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